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Hello friends! We will be premiering our new film, TERROR AND HOPE, THE SCIENCE OF RESILIENCE on March 19th at Cinema 21 Theater in Portland, Oregon. There’s an online link for reserving tickets below. Since public notices will go out later this week, I suggest you get your tickets soon. All proceeds from the ticket sale will go to support this showing and a free screening at Portland Community College Southeast campus on April 22nd. I will also be presenting the film at Yale University on March 25th. Details on the screenings below. Please help to spread the word - I hope to see you at one of these events! – Ron Bourke

March 19th 7:00PM

Cinema 21

616 NW 21st Ave., Portland, OR


Several special guests will join me for an after film discussion on the science of stress and efforts by Mercy Corps and others to address the impact of war and displacement on children.

March 25th 6:30PM

Yale University

Morse College Crescent Theater

Free screening.

I will be joined by researchers Rana Dajani, Alastair Ager, and Catherine Panter-Brick for a post-screening discussion on the impact of profound, prolonged stress.

April 22nd 7:30PM

Portland Community College, Southeast Campus

Community Hall (Behind the Administration building which faces SE 79th & SE Division.)

Free screening. Paid parking in PCC lots.

I will be joined by local Portland refugee activists and mental health professionals to discuss the local impact of forced displacement and war as refugees resettle in our community.

Terror and Hope, The Science of Resilience is funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and 79 awesome Kickstarter backers.

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