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“Lessons of Basketball and War” offers an exciting, uplifting and thoughtful exploration of universal themes -  violence, prejudice, cultural identity and conflict resolution as seen through the eyes of adolescent girls – refugees from war and famine in Somalia who have resettled in a strange foreign city. Pushed together in an inner city housing project, religious traditions and beliefs are tested by the onslaught of a sexualized, celebrity obsessed America. Teachers work to help students with little previous education and a propensity for an abhorrent form of personal violence fueled by a legacy of ethnic hostilities. This hour-long documentary offers an engaging and at times thrilling account of a year in their young lives and the challenges faced by one dedicated educator, peacemaker and basketball coach.

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“An honest, unflinching and ultimately up-lifting story that deserves a wide audience.”


“An elegantly simple documentary - beautifully constructed and lovingly created.”


“A surprisingly moving documentary that gives a rare view into the lives of a unique group of immigrants.”


“A gift of insight and heart”


“A lovely gem of a film”  


-  IMDb Reviews  

“I have been telling everyone I know about the film and how much I enjoyed the inspiring, heartfelt...and at times hilarious...piece. As a high school teacher, I am always trying to reflect on how my presence and pedagogy impacts the youth I work with, and watching the film informed me in such a profound way.  I imagine that the documentary could trigger the much needed dialogue in our building and our community.”  


-  Sarabeth Leitch, Educator, Portland, OR

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VIMEO  The film can be rented or purchased for download globally on Vimeo On Demand. Also with Vimeo's app on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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LESSONS OF BASKETBALL AND WAR is available for licensing by community groups, corporations, libraries and school groups.  A perfect centerpiece for awareness campaigns, special interest discussion groups, film programs and fund raisers. This film offers a great way to begin a positive conversation about diversity, immigration, conflict resolution and multi-cultural education.  Groups screening the film have included middle school and high school assemblies, school outreach screenings, universities, community discussion groups, and film programs. Producer/Director/Writer Ron Bourke can be available to present the film upon special arrangement. Contact us for more information. 

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